2022 FIFA World Cup Betting Odds

Fifa world cup betting

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will see 32 teams vying for the championship. The tournament is set to kick off on November 21 and will run through to December 18 of the same year. Qatar has been granted the privilege to host this event, and it will span eight distinct venues situated across five different cities. Qatar, as the host nation, will receive an automatic bid and will be slotted into Group A for the group stage matches. This article will delve into the betting odds associated with the FIFA World Cup.

Odds Of Winning The World Cup

Discover the leading contenders for victory in FIFA’s flagship event, the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, through the insights provided by our experts.

As per bet365’s odds, Qatar is positioned at 150/1 for a victory in their own homeland. Brazil, on the other hand, stands out as the frontrunner with a one-in-two chance of clinching the World Cup title. France, the reigning world champion, closely trails behind, securing the second spot by just a single point compared to Brazil. Following their strong performance at Euro 2020, France has been assigned odds of 6/1 to secure a victory in the upcoming event.

France’s journey in the tournament commenced with a draw against Hungary during the group stage. Unfortunately, the reigning World Cup champions, Brazil, faced an early exit in the tournament’s initial rounds due to their defeat to Argentina in the Copa America final. Despite being pre-tournament favorites, both France and Brazil failed to secure victory in their respective championships.

England, with odds of 8/1, narrowly missed out on claiming the UEFA Euro 2020 title, falling to Italy (with odds of 10/1) in a dramatic penalty shootout. While several European nations are considered strong contenders, Brazil and Argentina are the sole non-European teams ranked within the top 11 favorites. Uruguay, with odds of 50/1, claims the 12th spot on the list. Other non-European nations with noteworthy odds include Senegal at 80/1 and the United States at 100/1.

Favourites for the Qatar World Cup of 2022

#1. Brazil 

Securing a fifth World Cup victory in 2022 would propel Brazil to unparalleled success in a major sporting competition. Brazil’s roster, boasting a constellation of stars including Neymar and Vinicius Jr., positions them as formidable frontrunners to clinch the championship. They find themselves grouped with Switzerland, Cameroon, and Serbia in Group G.

#2. England

Following England’s heartbreaking penalty shootout loss in the European Championship finals, they currently occupy the third position in the World Cup odds rankings, trailing behind France and Brazil. It is foreseeable that England will emerge as a formidable contender in future World Cups, particularly due to the emergence of a youthful generation of attacking talent within their ranks. In addition to their youthful skill set, they will bring a wealth of experience to Qatar, having advanced to the final stages of two major championships in quick succession.

#3. France

Among the defending champions, Brazil presently boasts the most favorable odds for securing a World Cup victory. Nevertheless, despite their disappointing performance in the Euros, where they experienced a 3-1 loss in the final 10 minutes and a quarter-finals penalty shootout loss to Switzerland, France retains a roster of the most gifted players globally. Hence, there’s a reasonable expectation that they will mount a spirited defense of their title in the 2022 tournament. France finds itself positioned in Group D, alongside Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia for the upcoming competition.

How to Make a Profit Betting on the Futures Markets for such FIFA World Cup

Futures betting, specifically on the outright winner of the FIFA World Cup, remains an immensely popular form of gambling. Odds for this type of bet often become available shortly after the most recent World Cup champion is crowned. These odds can fluctuate based on the performances of teams or players in the months leading up to the FIFA World Cup Betting event.

Typically, future odds are presented in the form of a list, with each conceivable outcome and its associated probabilities arranged in descending order of likelihood. In the majority of cases, a plus sign (+) is used to denote potential future outcomes for a team.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting is Now Open!

FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting provides an extensive array of betting opportunities. Whether you opt for wagering at a physical casino or a sportsbook in Malaysia is entirely your choice. However, the enhanced odds and user-friendly features of online platforms make online betting a highly recommended option. When you engage in online betting, you can access a wide range of savings and incentives, often in the form of promotional offers.

In Malaysia, there are numerous online casinos that offer a diverse selection of betting options. Most bets tend to revolve around predicting the team that will emerge as the championship winner. Additionally, popular bets include wagering on the first goal scorer and selecting the group winner. These online platforms not only offer a secure and reliable betting environment but also deliver a satisfying and enjoyable user experience.

Judibot Malaysia: The Best FIFA World Cup Odds You’ll Find

Online users have the option to explore the Malaysian sportsbook, Judibot Malaysia. This platform offers a wide array of markets, particularly for events like the FIFA World Cup, and is known for its user-friendly and straightforward interface. Additionally, Judibot Malaysia Sportsbook boasts one of the most competitive payout rates in the market, along with a generous deposit bonus of up to RM800, equivalent to 150% of the initial deposit. The odds provided by Judibot Malaysia Sports for the FIFA World Cup in Malaysia are among the most favorable. With its intuitive user interface and attractive payouts, utilizing this sportsbook is a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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