Everything You Need to Know About Ocean King

Online Fishing Game

Have you ever dabbled in online fish shooting gambling games? If so, you’re likely familiar with Ocean King, the most renowned online fishing game.

Let’s admit it – there’s nothing quite like a fish-hunting gambling game to ramp up the competitive spirit in your gaming realm. This skill-driven, fast-paced game captivates players for extended periods, elevating their entertainment experience to new heights of profitability.

If you’re currently seeking insights into Ocean King fish gameplay online, you’ve come to the right place! At Judibot Malaysia, we take pride in being your ultimate resource for reliable games. Our mission is to enhance your gaming journey with the finest and most competitive games available.

What is Ocean King?

Online Fishing Game

In case you aren’t already aware, Ocean King stands as the premier and top-selling fish hunter redemption arcade game in the gaming world. The core objective of this game is to capture as many fish as possible while engaging in fierce competition with fellow players. The ultimate aim is to accumulate points, striving for the highest payout achievable by capturing rare and elusive fish.

This fundamental concept is elevated by the game’s rapid and exhilarating gameplay, which demands quick thinking, coordination, and skill. To add to the excitement, the game boasts a high-resolution screen with stunning 3D animations, immersing players in a captivating and breathtaking underwater world.

Driven by the immense popularity of the game series, the company has introduced more advanced sequels, including titles such as:

  • Crab Avengers
  • Mermaid Legends
  • Thunder Dragon

In these sequels, six, eight, or ten players find themselves facing off against the ocean’s most formidable monsters.

Did you know that Ocean King 3 features a return of sixteen to seventeen familiar characters, in addition to introducing a few new ones and six Boss characters? Moreover, the Lightning Chain feature makes a triumphant comeback, accompanied by a plethora of new features, brand-new mini-games, and a fresh arsenal of powerful weapons. Ocean King 3 undoubtedly stands as the most thrilling and enjoyable fish game to date!

If you’re yearning to indulge in the latest real-time arcade fishing game, complete with remarkable features, stunning graphics, and a unique gaming experience, look no further than Ocean King. This game is the answer to your gaming desires!

Here are some of the standout features of this game:

a) Daily Free Gold: Worried about running out of gold while enjoying the game? No need for concern. Ocean King APK rewards players with thousands of free gold regularly. All you have to do is keep playing, collect those diamonds, and watch your gold stash grow!

b) Defeat The Bosses To Receive A Huge Amount Of Gold Coins

Online Fishing Game

Are you tired of battling the same mundane bosses in most fishing arcade games? Your frustration ends here! In this game, you have the chance to confront and take on gigantic bosses with terrifying features, promising you an epic gaming experience. Make sure you upgrade your fish cannon to effectively tackle these formidable adversaries!

c) Real Prizes from Exciting Events: Did you know that only Ocean King offers you the opportunity to win real prizes through various thrilling events? Why settle for games that don’t guarantee tangible rewards when you can enjoy this game?

d) Diamonds for Winners: Experience the finest Player vs. Player (PVP) mode among all fishing games! There’s a unique feature in this game where you can wager your diamonds and double your winnings. The victor claims it all!

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How to Play Ocean King: If you happen to be one of those individuals unfamiliar with Ocean King software and are eager to learn more about this game, you’re in the right place. In this section, we’ll provide you with insights on how to play and share some key tips for Ocean King.

Keep in mind, that the primary objective of this game is to shoot and capture as many sea creatures as you can. Challenge your friends and compete to see who can accumulate the most profits by the end of the game.

Our platform offers the online Ocean King game to all our players. Anyone interested in playing the game can obtain the 918Kiss APK and login ID from our platform.

Here’s how to get started and enjoy the game:

Begin The Game at 918Kiss

Online Fishing Game

To begin playing the online Ocean King game, you must first deposit game credits into your gaming wallet at Judibot Malaysia and 918Kiss. Once you have obtained your 918Kiss login ID from our casino, simply visit the mobile casino and access the game.

Choose Your Weapon

Online Fishing Game

Ocean King introduces a new cumulative supergun, and players can choose from two other fish hunter weapons, each with distinct power levels and net sizes. Players can switch between weapons at any point during the game using the WEAPON change button.

Aim Your Target: Players should use the joystick to aim their net gun at the sixteen types of fish available for catching. These include:

  1. Bomb Crab
  2. Humpback Whale
  3. Ocean Lord Killer Whale
  4. Flounder
  5. Sea Turtles
  6. Spearfish
  7. Lobsters
  8. Fugu Fish
  9. Octopi
  10. Sharks
  11. Butterfly Fish
  12. Saw Sharks
  13. Lionfish
  14. Devilish
  15. Lantern Fish
  16. Snapper
  17. Clown Fish

Fire Away: To catch the fish, players need to press the SHOOT button, especially when they have targeted a fish. Each fish comes with its unique point values, so it’s a good idea to be selective about the fish you aim to catch.

Ending the Game: To conclude your gaming session, locate the BACK button on the 918Kiss game screen. If you wish to withdraw your winnings, you can log in to Judibot Malaysia using your account and initiate a withdrawal from 918Kiss. Alternatively, you can contact your 918Kiss agent to withdraw the remaining funds from your gaming wallet.

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