How to Bet on the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Welcome to the most comprehensive and in-depth FIFA World Cup 2022 betting guide available online. This guide contains all the essential information as 32 teams prepare for their ultimate showdown in Qatar in this year’s edition of one of the most prestigious competitions in the world of sports. In addition, to match previews and betting tips, our experts delve into the qualification process that will determine the participation of these top teams, all of which could make this event unique as it is scheduled to be held in the winter months.


Malaysian Betting Odds for the World Cup in 2022

Judibot Malaysia’s online sportsbooks are already providing odds for the eventual winner of the FIFA World Cup in 2022, and there is a plethora of other betting possibilities to explore. If you’re considering placing bets on this year’s World Cup, one thing is certain: You’ll need an online betting account in order to start wagering. Once you’ve successfully opened an online betting account, you’ll gain the ability to place bets on the 2022 World Cup. As the tournament unfolds, you can place bets on individual matches, predict the winners and runners-up in the group stage, and even wager on the top Golden Boot winner. Additionally, we observed the Euro 2021 championship last year.


Placing bets on matches featuring well-established favorites against underdogs can be a lucrative strategy during World Cups. While the outcome of such matchups may seem predictable, the odds may not offer substantial returns. However, for those willing to delve deeper, there could still be valuable opportunities to uncover.


#1. Goal

The Over/Under Goals betting option presents an excellent approach to wagering on game outcomes. When it comes to making Over/Under bets, the World Cup may be somewhat easier to predict than the major domestic leagues, as the disparity in team quality often provides bettors with opportunities to identify situations where there are likely to be significant score differences.

#2. Corners

Corners Market odds can be particularly intriguing when a match features a clear favorite, so it’s essential to bear this in mind when placing bets in this market. During the FIFA World Cup, the likelihood of more corners being awarded tends to increase when a strong team is pitted against a weaker opponent, as compared to facing a formidable adversary.

#3. Top Scorer

To begin your quest for the Golden Boot winner, consider assessing the teams you believe are likely to advance further in the FIFA World Cup and whether any of their attacking players have the potential to score a significant number of goals. This is a solid starting point for selecting the Golden Boot winner.

However, the most crucial aspect of your research involves determining which attackers are most likely to play significant roles for the top teams and how they will contribute. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to back a potential Golden Boot winner with confidence.

In-Game Bets for 2022 FIFA World Cup

Certain bettors have found that postponing their wagers until after the game has commenced can offer them an advantage. It’s advisable to observe the action and gain insights into the game’s dynamics, such as which team has control, before placing your bets in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

In-game betting during the World Cup will be accessible through Judibot Malaysia’s online sportsbooks in Malaysia, and many of the markets will mirror those available before the kickoff, albeit with slightly adjusted odds. If one team establishes a significant lead early in the game, the 1 X 2 market will remain open, but as the match progresses, other markets like Next Team to Score, Over/Under Cards, Over/Under Goals, and Next Player to Score will become available. To learn more about how to engage in online sports betting, be sure to consult the comprehensive guide at Judibot Malaysia.

Predictions and Betting Strategy

Predicting the ultimate winner of the World Cup is always a challenging task due to the unpredictability of the group stage, which is a characteristic shared with many major sporting events. Judibot Malaysia offers the opportunity to place bets on which nations will secure the top two spots in a group and which countries will progress from each group.

In the initial round of betting, it’s essential to assess each team’s current form and their performance in World Cup qualifiers or previous tournaments. When examining individual match-ups, these options may be more suitable for focusing on the World Cup as a whole. However, there are instances where predicting outright winners becomes more feasible, especially when a team that defied expectations in the early stages unexpectedly returns to its typical form against a recognized international soccer powerhouse.

As the tournament progresses and the field narrows down to the top teams, betting on the overall winner may become more viable. Additionally, “each-way” bets offer the flexibility for bettors to make two predictions: one on whether their nation will win the tournament and another on whether they will reach the final. If you’re still unable to identify a clear winner, this betting approach may be the ideal choice for you.

2022 FIFA World Cup Procedure

All 211 FIFA member associations have the opportunity to participate in FIFA’s six continental qualifying events, which are conducted by their respective confederations. The host nation, Qatar, has been granted an automatic berth in the Group Stage, while France will need to partake in the traditional qualifying process.

Ultimately, the 32 qualifying teams will be divided into eight groups, each consisting of four teams, and they will engage in a round-robin format. In the event of a draw at the conclusion of 90 minutes, the top two teams from each group will advance to the Round of 16, making the 2022 World Cup a straight knockout competition.

Malaysia’s Online Sports Betting

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