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How To Win In Panther Moon Slots

Panthen Moon Review

If a player desires one thing, it’s to always win. I mean; who on earth goes into a online casino and doesn’t want to get the most out of their bets? Of course, everyone wants to win. However, sometimes winning at online casino slots is not that easy. It requires a lot of mastery and technical skills. Would you believe me if I told you that you could win at online slots more often even as a newbie with little to no knowledge of the game? The truth is you can. But the question is; how? The answer lies in playing Panther Moon slot. As far as online slot e-wallet games go, Playtech’s Panther Moon is on another level. Because its algorithm and gameplay make it easy for players to earn amazing rewards in the form of free spins and bonuses – as long as you use a few simple tricks.
Do you want to know these tips? Please read on!

The Five Best Tips and Tricks In Panther Moon Slots

Online casino experts rely on their skills rather than luck. But unfortunately, no expert will tell you their little secret. Luckily, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or a legend. As long as you have the following  be confident of winning ainformation that I am going to share with youyou cant Panther Moon Slots

1. Understand How The Game Works

The most important thing when playing slot games is to understand the basics of how the game works.

If you’ve played online video slots before, the layout of Panther Moon will look familiar. It mainly consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and 15 optional paylines. The night and animal nature themes are reflected in the scroll’s purple, blue and dark jungle backgrounds.

The symbols also include a large number of animals and flowers, which also reflects the theme.

The symbols can animate every time you win. However, the quick spins and autoplay options can help you avoid this and speed up the game.

You can also gamble any winnings you win for a chance to double or halve your final winnings. Of the five cards available, one is always revealed; Your goal is to choose one of the remaining 4 cards – determine which card has a higher or lower value.

2. Take Note Of Some Of The Important Features;

Similar to knowing how the game works, there are some key features you should have under your belt if you want to master the game and win more often. Some of those features are;

  • The House Edge / RTP which stands at 4.83% / 95.17%
  • The Slot volatility which is Medium
  • The Coin range goes from 0.01 to 1.00
  • The Minimum/Maximum wager which stands at 0.15 / 15
  • The Free spins which totals 15 Free Spins / 3-times Multipliers
  • The Bonus rounds consist of Wilds, Scatters, and Free Spins.

3. Understand The Symbols Of The Game

Like many other video slot games, Panther Moon is made up of many symbols. The highest paying symbol in the game is the majestic Black Panther. This symbol is also called “Wildand can substitute for all other symbols exceptScatter“.

The wild symbol will double any payout once a winning combination is completed. If you can combine 5 of these wild symbols on a valid payline, you can win 10,000x your starting value.

The magnificent full moon represents theScattersymbol, which not only rewards you with up to 500x your total stake, but is also important in unlocking the free spins feature.

Other high paying symbols in the game include: wolves, owls, colorful butterflies and some beautiful night flowers. Lower value symbols are simply represented by specific letters and numbers, for example: A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. Understanding these symbols is key to understanding the game.

Otherwise, you may lose a lot of bets and make wrong decisions. If you are interested in general slot gaming tips and tricks, check out the following: 7 Slot Gaming Tips and Tricks.

4. Adjust Your Betting Limits To Fit Your Style Of Play

The betting limits and payout options are another significant factor that you should pay attention to.

You should change the betting limits to suit your playing style before you think about betting real money on this slot.

A coin value that can be altered varies from 0.01 to 1.00. You can choose to play between 1 and 10 bet levels. It’s interesting to note that you can play this slot game for as little as MYR 0.01 per spin if you only have one active pay line. The minimum wager each spin is MYR 0.15, which is the case when all 15 lines are active. You have the opportunity to increase your bet up to a maximum of MYR 150 every spin to further expand your range of choices. This extensive betting selection

5. Take Advantage Of The Free Spins

The Panther Moon video slot free game component is among its most significant elements. When three or more “scatters” rolls appear in either location, this feature is triggered, and you immediately receive 15 free spins!

The most intriguing feature is that any win you make while using the 15 free spins will be quadrupled (depending on the 3-times multiplier). And as most slots don’t allow for retriggering, the free-spin feature will be activated again if you manage to land 3 scatters once more while engaging in the bonus game.

Before You Go

Make sure to utilize the demo mode that is offered for this game. It enables you to practice and become an expert in all game requirements without using any of your cash. As a result, when you eventually start risking your money, your winning odds will be increased.

The slot machine may be found on Judibot Malaysia on a number of platforms, including Mega888, PlayTech Slot Games, and 918Kiss Malaysia. So stop waiting and start using the aforementioned advice to win right away!

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