Mega888 Iceland Review

Iceland Mega888 | Game Review RTP 95.69%

Embark on an arctic adventure with the adorable polar bears in the captivating “Iceland” slot game available at Mega888.

Indulge yourself in a realm of enchantment and splendor, where seamless support awaits on both Android and iOS devices. Within this enthralling Mega888 online casino game, you have the opportunity to journey to the southern zone and unlock the wonders of Iceland. Waste no time and start spinning the reels right away!

Iceland Slot
Iceland Slot

Paylines Mega888 Iceland Slot Game

Experience the captivating “Iceland” slot game by Mega888 Download, boasting 5 reels, 3 rows, and an array of 50 paylines. Inspired by Indian Myth, it shares identical pay table payouts and boasts 50 distinct symbol combinations that grant rewarding wins from the leftmost reel to the right. Moreover, keep an eye out for scatter symbols, as they too offer lucrative payouts for even more chances to big win.

Betting Amount – Iceland Slot

Furthermore, Iceland games present players with a diverse betting range, spanning from MYR0.25 to MYR250, catering to the preferences of both casual players and high-rollers alike. With this flexible betting system, players can tailor their wagers to complement their gameplay strategy. For instance, some players, like the skilled individual Andy, choose to adjust their bets based on the frequency of free games rewarded. Andy firmly believes that a higher occurrence of free games translates to increased bet sizes, maximizing the potential for substantial winnings.

Iceland Slot

Mega888 Iceland Slot Paytable Features

Iceland Slot

Character Symbols

Within the captivating Iceland slot, you’ll discover an ensemble of 13 character symbols thoughtfully divided into major and minor groups. Among the enchanting icons gracing the reels are adorable penguins, wise owls, and graceful dolphins, all portraying friendly animal species. Excitingly, the two prominent symbols hold multiplied payouts, with the grandest of them offering an impressive 3333x the line bet.

The true powerhouse in this icy realm is the wild symbol, wielding its extraordinary ability to substitute for all other symbols, except the scatter symbols, thereby enhancing your chances of securing winning combinations and unlocking the coveted free spins feature. Embrace the magical allure of Iceland and revel in the rewards brought forth by these mesmerizing symbols.

Wild Features

Unleash the formidable power of the Wild symbol in the Iceland slot game. This remarkable icon exerts its influence primarily on reel 3 during normal gameplay, serving as a substitute for all symbols, including the Scatter Symbols. Notably, the Wild symbol holds the key to triggering the highly sought-after Free Game Feature by taking the place of the Scatter symbol.

Once the Free Game Feature is activated, the Wild can make its appearance on any reels from 1 to 5, bestowing tripled payouts upon winning combinations. Brace yourself for an exhilarating experience as you explore the two existing modes, each offering additional feature payouts based on the paytable.

During the free games, prepare to be enthralled by the presence of multiple Wild symbols, intensifying the excitement and creating thrilling opportunities as they have the potential to cover all positions on the reels. Embrace the enchantment of Iceland and harness the Wild symbol’s power for boundless rewards!

Scatter Bonus Free Games

In the captivating world of Iceland, players can unlock a plethora of free games by landing 3 or more scatters across the reels. The wins from these scatters are multiplied by the total bet, offering enticing rewards. What’s even more exhilarating is the opportunity to earn additional free games by landing more scatters during the feature, adding to the excitement and potential for greater winnings.

A remarkable feature of Iceland is the ability to stack free games. For instance, initiating the game with three scatters leads to 8 free games. If luck continues to favor you, and you land 3 more scatters during the feature, a remarkable total of 19 free games awaits you, creating a truly thrilling gameplay experience.

Furthermore, the game introduces a fascinating twist with the Wild symbol on reel 3, which not only serves as a substitute for other symbols but also triggers free games when it acts as a scatter. This unique mechanic adds an extra layer of anticipation and adventure to the game, providing players with even more opportunities to immerse themselves in the wonders of Iceland and reap bountiful rewards.

Iceland Slot

Iceland Slot Gamble Features

Iceland Slot

In Mega888 Iceland, players have the thrilling opportunity to engage in the gamble feature after securing a win. This exhilarating feature entails predicting whether the upcoming card will be bigger or smaller than the banker’s card. Each accurate guess grants a multiplier to the winnings, reaching up to an impressive x10. However, players must exercise caution, as an incorrect guess leads to the forfeiture of all winnings, including the base spin credits, adding an element of risk and excitement to the gameplay. Will you dare to take the gamble and multiply your rewards, or will you play it safe and savor your hard-earned win? The choice is yours to make in this captivating Arctic adventure.

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