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The FIFA World Cup occurs only once every four years, uniting the world’s finest soccer players and fans. Undoubtedly, this competition ranks among the most eagerly anticipated events in the realm of sports betting. Qatar’s preparations for the 2022 World Cup, scheduled to take place from November 21 to December 18, are well underway. With ample time to plan your World Cup wagers, selecting the right ones should be relatively straightforward.

Given the multitude of possibilities, it can be challenging to pinpoint the best bets for the World Cup. This page serves as a FIFA World Cup betting guide, encompassing everything from the most popular sports bets to valuable wagering tips and strategies. If you’re interested in discovering how to profit from betting exclusively on the FIFA World Cup, continue reading!

Types of World Cup FIFA Sports Bets

In a tournament as prestigious as the FIFA World Cup, the most frequently placed bet is typically the one predicting the match outcome. Even if your World Cup soccer betting strategy isn’t fully refined, there’s still a chance to earn money by participating in these events. Let’s now explore various wagering options available for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, scheduled to take place in Qatar. This article provides insights into a variety of bet types that can be placed for this event, considering that there are 64 matches in total. Familiarizing yourself with these diverse betting opportunities is essential as you delve into World Cup betting.

#1. 1×2 Betting

This type of bet is commonly referred to as a match bet or a three-way bet. Betting on the outcome of sporting events involves choosing one of three possible results. Individuals who are familiar with American sports like the NFL, NBA, or MLB typically encounter two options on the money line. However, in football, there is the added possibility of a draw, which provides this third alternative.

These bets are settled at the conclusion of the game, including any additional time added due to injuries or interruptions. It’s important to exercise caution during the knockout rounds because this market does not cover extra time or penalty shootouts, which become more prevalent beyond the group stage.

#2. Draw No Bet

In the realm of money-line betting, the absence of an option to bet on a draw necessitates a choice between the two competing teams rather than predicting a tie. When you place a draw no-bet wager and the game indeed ends in a draw, your initial stake is returned to you. The term “draw-no-bet” is derived from the fact that in the event of a draw, the bet is essentially void, and the bettor receives a refund.

Due to the insurance aspect inherent in this type of betting, the odds for both the favorite and the underdog tend to be lower than those in the 1×2 market. This is because the bet inherently provides a degree of protection. Consequently, the draw-no-bet odds, while not as lucrative as double chance odds, still offer more favorable potential outcomes.

#3. Draw Chance Bet

Utilizing a double chance bet in a 1×2 scenario allows you to wager on two out of the three possible outcomes. If either of your chosen outcomes succeeds, you will receive a payout. While this bet offers a way to tilt the odds in your favor, it typically comes with lower odds compared to draw-no-bet and 1×2 wager options. Although the potential rewards may be somewhat reduced in this market, it also carries a lower level of risk.

The +0.5 handicap is primarily applicable in the first two scenarios, aligning with the first two selections. This bet becomes an appealing choice when you believe a team has a reasonable chance against the odds but acknowledge that the teams are closely matched in terms of their abilities.

#4. Total Goals (Over/ Under)

This category of betting is also referred to as Asian totals. It involves both teams being expected to score at least one goal, with the sportsbook estimating the total number of goals that will be scored in a match. Half-number totals are more prevalent than whole-number totals because they eliminate the possibility of a draw and a push (returned wager).

It’s important to note that markets for full-time betting at sportsbooks are assessed only as explicitly specified. Bettors are not affected by the outcomes of extra time or penalty shootouts in determining the success or failure of their wagers. Historically, many World Cup matches have seen low-scoring outcomes, with the majority concluding with no more than three goals.

#5. Bet Builder

With a bet builder, you have the opportunity to craft your own distinctive multiplier for a single game. Unlike other bets that combine results from multiple matches, this type of bet combines various outcomes within a single match. These accumulators offer the potential for substantial payouts and add an element of excitement to the betting experience. If you’re seeking to turn a small wager into a sizable win, this is the ideal avenue to have some fun and put your betting skills to the test. However, more serious bettors often prefer placing individual bets one at a time. Accumulators can encompass a wide range of markets, including factors like the number of yellow cards, corners, goal scorers, and more.

Best FIFA Betting Platform in Malaysia

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