The Latest Online Fishing Game by SpadeGaming: Alien Hunter

Online Fishing Game

A casino enthusiast typically has the option to choose between traditional slot games or card games. These game genres have a long and storied history, with many card games dating back centuries. Over time, they have evolved and traveled across continents to become the diverse array of games we have today. While slot games and classic casino games remain popular staples in casinos worldwide, the industry is constantly seeking innovation.

In today’s era of online gaming, developers like SpadeGaming have introduced fresh themes and game concepts. Within Asian casinos, you can find a variety of unique games that appeal to both local and international players. One noteworthy example is the online fishing game known as Alien Hunter, developed by SpadeGaming.

An Introduction to Alien Hunter

Online Fishing Game

Alien Hunter, launched in 2021, offers a unique twist on the traditional fish shooting game. In this game, players have the option to select their skill level, with choices ranging from Junior to Expert and even Godlike, depending on their confidence and abilities. The game presents players with various tasks and challenges to conquer, providing them with numerous missions to complete and aliens to defeat in order to emerge victorious.

Online Fishing Game

The Plot

One of the most captivating features of Alien Hunter is its storyline. Picture yourself as a skilled hunter embarking on a crucial mission to an uncharted planet. Your objective is to document everything about the extraterrestrial life inhabiting this unique world. However, this isn’t just any ordinary planet teeming with alien creatures.

This is a battlefield where various alien factions are engaged in intense conflicts, and you find yourself in the midst of this crossfire. As a skilled hunter, your survival skills are put to the test in this tumultuous environment. Will you endure the ongoing battle and demonstrate your marksmanship by eliminating as many aliens as possible, or will you succumb to the chaos?

The Mindblowing Features

One notable feature that sets this fish shooting game apart is the introduction of extraterrestrial creatures. Instead of traditional fish, players encounter a variety of intergalactic beings. Interestingly, these creatures bear a resemblance to Pokémon rather than exotic entities. Nevertheless, this departure from the norm is not a cause for complaint. Why, you may wonder? Because SpadeGaming has imbued these creatures with numerous roles and benefits that players can unlock when they target and shoot them.

Online Fishing Game

Creature Abilities: The Turbo Blasters generously provide additional bullets, while Xeno Killer bestows unpredictable rewards periodically. The Bloodhound wields shuriken, capable of obliterating any obstacles in its trajectory. The Bio Crawler assists in emitting a poisonous effect, eliminating creatures through this lethal attribute.

Menu Buttons for You

Online Fishing Game

On the left side of your game screen, you’ll find a set of buttons, including Target, Auto, Double, and Torch.

When you click on the “Target” button, it will lock onto creatures as they traverse the courtyard, enhancing the enjoyment and ease of shooting.

“Auto” is an option that simplifies targeting by allowing you to select creatures from a list. Once chosen from this list, they automatically become your targets.

To enhance your hunting prowess, you can utilize the “Double” feature, which doubles the number of bullets fired at your target. Activating “Double” results in more aliens succumbing to your shots.

Additionally, there’s the “Torch” feature, which ignites and inflicts additional damage upon all creatures. This offers the choice of firing a single bullet under your target or unleashing a volley of double bullets.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the “Buy Feature” buttons, where you can select from x30, x60, or x100 features to purchase. Adjacent to it is the zoom control for adjusting your view, and next to that is your balance, indicating your available resources as you continue to fire and play.

Paytable and Game Mechanics

Online Fishing Game

The game’s paytable showcases an array of creatures, and interestingly, many of them bear a striking resemblance to the fauna found on planet Earth. Among them, you’ll encounter majestic creatures such as elephants, zebras, lions, and deer, as well as smaller creatures like mice, frogs, bunnies, and even chipmunks.

Each of these creatures offers various payout multipliers. For instance, the elephant presents a payout range spanning from x50 to x100, while the lion offers rewards ranging from x30 to x60. Furthermore, there’s the enticing “Buy Feature,” which grants access to Thermal Blaze with a bet of 100. By shooting these creatures, you can reap rewards ranging from x20 to an impressive x888.

If you opt for the “Landmine” bet at 60, you’ll discover three strategically placed landmines that can appear anywhere on the screen. As creatures unwittingly step on these landmines, they detonate, yielding rewards ranging from x20 to x500.

Lastly, there’s the “Rogue Warrior” feature, available for a bet of 30. This daring warrior leaps onto the screen, swiftly dispatching a few creatures, and in return, players can expect rewards ranging from x10 to x250.

Regular Feature

Anticipate receiving rewards from the Silver Box ranging from x2 to x10, while the Platinum Box can bestow prizes ranging from x10 to x50. For the grandest rewards, keep an eye out for the Ultimax Box, which can grant you prizes ranging from x100 to an impressive x500. These reward boxes can drop randomly as you target and hit various creatures during regular gameplay.

Keep a lookout for any Boss-type creatures to progress the game further.

Online Fishing Game

Titan Engineer: Confront the Titan Engineer boss, and be prepared for a thrilling encounter as it activates a Bonus wheel, offering rewards that can range from a generous x80 to an astonishing x600.

Alien Invader: Take aim at the yellow Alien Invader boss, and your successful shot will earn you a prize, with values falling between a respectable x50 and a rewarding x100.

The Vanquisher: Overcome the Vanquisher, and it will execute a dramatic turn, eliminating all the creatures in its sight on the screen. As a reward for your triumph, you can expect payouts ranging from x100 to a remarkable x688.

Stealth Hunter: Successfully defeat this boss to trigger a stealth mode that can bring you prizes ranging from x50 to x100.

Champion Hunter: Vanquish the Champion Hunter boss to unleash a powerful laser that obliterates the boss itself and any nearby alien creatures. This victory yields rewards ranging from x100 to an impressive x488.

Playing SpadeGaming’s Alien Hunter guarantees an experience so captivating that you won’t miss traditional slot games. This fish shooting game offers an enthralling alternative that’s sure to keep you engaged!

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